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Chord Detector is amazing, Palm Sounds reviews our app

Just seen a review of our Chord Detector iPhone app on the Palm Sounds website, check it out here

Chord Detector v1.0.2 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Chord Detector v1.0.2 to the App Store.

This version includes enhanced memory management, improving the apps usability on older devices or when processing very long tracks.

More Chord Detector v1.0.1 App Store Feedback

Here is more feedback we have received via iTunes in the last couple of days:-


It work!! Si funciona – ★★★★
After the update it work very goog. Trabaja muy bien despues del update. Trata de nuevo!!


! – ★★★
Works now that the bug is fixed. It has helped me with figuring out chords to a few songs. Neat app.

Chord Detector v1.0.1 App Store feedback

Here is the feedback we have received so far via App Store since v1.0.1 was released:-


Cool app – ★★★★★
Now that the app is fixed I must say that it was worth the wait. Great app. Great customer support from the company as well. Emails were answered almost straight away. I will get alot of use from this app. Well worth the money


App now working! – ★★★★
Looks pretty good. Now it’s working – have been able to pick a track from music on iPhone and it now processes the track (takes a while) and shows the chords it’s picked out. You can then play the track and it shows you the chords as the track plays. Great. Will be seeing how accurate the chords are in due course.

Great! – ★★★★
The new version works great, thanks for the fix!


Give it another shot – ★★★★
I experienced the crashing too, but the new version works great. This app is SO helpful. Give it another shot.

Amazing. – ★★★★
Simply amzing.

Chord Detector Promo Codes available for reviewers

We are giving away Promo Codes to reviewers of our Chord Detector iPhone App. If you represent conventional press or run popular review sites and want to review our app, please contact us directly and we will send you out a promo code.

Only a limited number of promo codes are available!