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Chord Tutor Released!

Chord Tutor

Version 1.0.0 of Chord Tutor iPhone/iPad app has been released today onto the Apple App Store.

Chord Tutor is intended to help musicians of any ability improve their chord playing in an interesting and fun way.

Chord Tutor uses chord detection technology developed for our Chord Detector App to let you know how accurately you played each chord. The App rates your accuracy and speed for each chord, giving you a 3 star rating.

Full details of the Chord Tutor Apps capabilities can be found here

New App Name – Chord Tutor

If you haven’t guessed already from the clues on our website our new app is called Chord Tutor. The app uses our chord detection technology to help practice basic chords in a fun way. Chord Tutor has been approved by Apple and should be on the app store in the next few hours. In the meantime check out Chord Tutors mini site at

New App Screenshot

New iOS App Coming Very Soon!

While we are finalising the requirements for Chord Detector v2.0 we have been busy writing a brand new App. This new App leverages and improves upon the chord detection technology used in our Chord Detector App to create something new, something that hasn’t been seen on the App Store before.

Stay tuned for further updates during the week.

BPM Detector v1.0.0 Released Today and it’s FREE!

Version 1.0.0 of BPM Detector iPhone/iTouch app has been released today onto the Apple App Store. BPM Detector is an simple App leveraging some of the technology developed for Chord Detector, to detect and display the BPM of your music library tracks or of any music playing around you.

Full details of the BPM Detector Apps capabilities can be found here