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Chord Tutor App used to teach guitar students!

The Guitar Studio of Arlington ( uses our Chord Tutor app to help teach it’s students to play the guitar. Brian Lacy the guitar instructor who runs the studio said in an email to us :

“You guys help with teaching guitar so much I really appreciate it! The students absolutely love the Chord Tutor!”

Brian has requested some enhancements to the app which will be released in v1.2.0 in the next few days.

Chord Tutor v1.1.0 gets a new Engine

Chord Tutor v1.1.0 has been released today onto the App Store. It contains the improved Chord Detection Engine I blogged about last week. The new engine improves the accuracy and efficiency of the chord detection. For Chord Tutor this means it can pick-up more distinct chords allowing more chords to be practiced using the app. As such we have also increased the number of chords in this release of Chord Tutor from 24 to 48, by adding Major7 and Minor7 chords. Even more chords will be available later as bolt on chord packs.

Check out Chord Tutor v1.1.0 on the App Store

Improved Chord Detection Engine

We have almost finished work on an improved Chord Detection Engine that will improve the accuracy of chord detection and increase the number of detectable chords. The current engine is only capable of detecting the Major, Minor, Major7 and Minor7 chord types. However the new engine will detect those plus Augmented, Diminished, Dominant7 and Minor/Major7 chord types. The new engine also has improved smoothing of the detected chords so there will be less fast flipping between very similar sounding chords.

The plan is to release the improved engine as part of an update to our Chord Tutor app, increasing the number of unique chords to practice from 24 up to 96. Once we are happy the engine is a success in Chord Tutor it will be fitted into Chord Detector v2.0.