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App for Diplacusis Sufferers


Late last year we were contacted by one of our Tempo SlowMo App users. This user happened to suffer from a hearing condition called Diplacusis or Interaural Pitch Difference. Diplacusis is the perceived difference in pitch between ears. So when listening to music Diplacusis sufferers will hear the music at different pitches in each ear. Our Tempo SlowMo app provides the ability to change the pitch of the music across both left and right channels. Our user asked if we were able to add the ability to change the pitch per channel, so that the effect of Diplacusis can be countered by offsetting the pitch accordingly in one ear.

So we set to work and produced a quick demo app for our user to try out. Their response after trying the app was emotional to say the least and to quote “A life changer!”. The benefit of this app to sufferers of Diplacusis became clear to us and we began to productionise the so that all sufferers of hearing loss of this kind can benefit.

We are pleased to announce that Diplacusis Audio Player v1.0 is now available to download on the App Store.