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App for Diplacusis Sufferers


Late last year we were contacted by one of our Tempo SlowMo App users. This user happened to suffer from a hearing condition called Diplacusis or Interaural Pitch Difference. Diplacusis is the perceived difference in pitch between ears. So when listening to music Diplacusis sufferers will hear the music at different pitches in each ear. Our Tempo SlowMo app provides the ability to change the pitch of the music across both left and right channels. Our user asked if we were able to add the ability to change the pitch per channel, so that the effect of Diplacusis can be countered by offsetting the pitch accordingly in one ear.

So we set to work and produced a quick demo app for our user to try out. Their response after trying the app was emotional to say the least and to quote “A life changer!”. The benefit of this app to sufferers of Diplacusis became clear to us and we began to productionise the so that all sufferers of hearing loss of this kind can benefit.

We are pleased to announce that Diplacusis Audio Player v1.0 is now available to download on the App Store.

Chord Detector v1.1 Released

Chord Detector v1.1.0

We are pleased to announce that Chord Detector v1.1.0 is now available to download on the App Store.

If you don’t already know Chord Detector is aimed at musicians of any ability to help them learn to play the tracks on their iPod by automatically detecting the chords within the track.

In the latest version comes a major update to the Chord Detection engine. Its now much quiker and easier to get most accurate results possible (up to 95% in ideal conditions). Chord Detector can recognise many different chord types including major, minor, augmented, dimimished, diminished7, dominant7 and minorMajor7.

Also included in this update is the ability to start viewing chords before the analysis is complete, so there is less waiting around. Also you can now queue up tracks to be analysed so you can be learning the chords for one song while the Chord Detector is detecting the chords in your other tracks.

Finally we would like to thank our uses who participated in the beta testing of our new Chord Detection algorithm.

Check out Chord Detector on the App Store

Tempo SlowMo Released!

Tempo SlowMo

Our new free app, Tempo SlowMo was released to the Apple App Store on 1st September.

Tempo SlowMo is intended to provide a simple and intuitive interface designed to help you learn and practice playing songs by enabling you to slow them down. Slowing a song down enables you to play along with a song if you are not yet up to speed or help with tabbing it out.

I have just started learning the banjo so I’m using it a lot myself to slow down the banjo rolls which are often ridiculously fast.

Try it, let us know what you think and what you would like to see in future versions.

Check out Tempo SlowMo v1.0.0 on the App Store

Chord Tutor Lite V1.0.1 Released

Chord Tutor Lite

Fixes issues experienced by our iPhone iOS 4.3.x users. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused due to this bug.

We hope you enjoy Chord Tutor Lite. Any feedback is gratefully received.

Chord Tutor Lite Released!

Chord Tutor Lite

A free version of our Chord Tutor app is now available to download on the App Store.

If you don’t already know Chord Tutor is a tool to aid in learning musical chords, be it on a guitar, piano or any instrument. What its not, is a chord library or simple chord flash card app, its much more than that. Chord Tutor uses an enhanced version of the Chord Detection technology developed for our Chord Detector app to tell you if you played a chord correctly on your instrument.

The full version of Chord Tutor includes 48 different chords to practice, expandable up to 96 via the soon to be released chord expansion packs. Select which chords you want to practice or select a difficulty level and you are away. You will be presented with a random chord and given 10 seconds to play that chord on your instrument. When the time is up Chord Tutor will analyse what you played and give you an accuracy and speed rating. A High Score table helps you track your progress, making chord practice not only easy but fun!

The lite version of Chord Tutor gives you a taster of the features on offer in the full version. Only 6 basic chords are available to practice in the lite version.

Chord Tutor is already being used by Guitar Instructors around the world as a fun way to aid chord memorisation and warm ups. Even advanced guitar players enjoy Chord Tutor for the addictive nature of the app when trying to get the highest scores.

Check out Chord Tutor Lite v1.0.0 on the App Store