Diplacusis Audio Player

Helping Diplacusis sufferers enjoy stereo music once again.

Diplacusis or Interaural Pitch Difference is a perceived difference of a single pitch from one ear to the other.

This app has been specially designed to allow sufferers of Diplacusus to enjoy sterio music played through headphones. The Diplacusis Audio Player app achieves this by allowing the user to change the pitch in one ear thus countering the effect of Diplacusis

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Diplacusis Audio Player

Diplacusis Audio Player AppFor a Diplacusis sufferer the same note on a piano will be heard as different notes between the two ears. Depending on the severity of diplacusis listening to music especially via sterio headphones can be very disorientating or often impossible.

The app is easy to use, just pick the tracks you want to play †, choose left or right ear and change the pitch in that ear by upto ± 4 semitomes.

We don’t want to charge for our Diplacusis Audio Player app so we have embedded adverts within it. However if you would like to support the continued development of this app by making a contribution via the apps information screen we will remove the adverts for you.

† Tracks must be sync’d to your device. DRM protected content is not supported.

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We wrote Diplacusis Audio Player to make a difference to those few who suffer from Diplacusis and similar conditions.

If you feel you wish to contribute further towards development of the app we have provided a PayPal donation button below.

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