The table below shows all the issues we are currently tracking against the Chord Detector iPhone App. If you find any issues with the Chord Detector app thats not listed above please post details here and we will add it to the issues register.

# description workaround status fixed in version
1 Crash taking user back to iPhone home screen when pressing “Detect Chords” Remove tracks with a title containing 3 characters or less from iPhone music library and tracks containing 5 characters or less which start with “The “ CLOSED (fix released on 02/03/2011) v1.0.1
2 Mistake in Overview text mentions a red button on the welcome screen that doesn’t exist. The button to press is the one labelled “Detect Chords” on the welcome page directly above the “Overview” button CLOSED (fix released on 02/03/2011) v1.0.1
3 Creation of the track picker is slow and can cause long delays between pressing “Detect Chords” and the track picker appearing when user has over 500 tracks in their iPod music library. None CLOSED (fix released on 02/03/2011) v1.0.1
4 iPhone 3G devices run out of memory when analysing tracks over 90 seconds long. Causes crash shortly after decoding finishes. None CLOSED (fix released on 14/03/2011) v1.0.2
5 AIFF tracks created in GarageBand will not load. In GarageBand export the tracks as compressed AAC or MP3. investigating tbc
6 When clicking on some tracks in track picker (no known pattern), they do not invoke analysis. None investigating tbc
7 Previously saved chords can not be loaded after upgrade. Re-generate the chords for those tracks. investigating tbc